What is Appian used for?

What is Appian used for?

If you’re wasting money on inefficient manual processes and falling behind the competition because your operations can’t keep up, an Appian implementation might be the solution for you.

Appian is software that helps organizations build automated workflows and applications. As an award-winning Appian partner, we’re here to help you understand how you could use the platform in your business.

1. Business process automation

For many businesses, employees are spending the majority of their time working through inefficient manual processes. Whether it’s relying on paper-based documents, using spreadsheets to track work, or manually entering data into multiple systems, this is not an effective us of their time.

Appian can take the manual, paper-based, time-sucking aspects of your daily operations and automate them with a modern, digital solution. This allows your employees to spend their time on higher-value work, eliminates risks associated with manual data entry, and provides dramatic cost savings.

In financial services, for example, Appian can automate fraud prevention processes. It integrates with back-office systems to pull and autofill reporting data as well as submit completed reports, reducing manual risks and improving account holder protection. Read all about how we implemented Appian for Payoneer, a global fintech company, and reduced fraud investigation handling time by 40%. 

2. Case management

For organizations that deal with service requests, managing incidents, and various types of investigations, case management is a key part of operations. Traditional case management is usually done using a variety of systems and spreadsheets.

An Appian implementation can dramatically improve case management practices by pulling all required steps, tasks, and information into one easy-to-use digital solution. Manage any type of case work, connect siloed data, automate complex processes, and manage exceptions with ease.

In the healthcare industry, for example, organizations use Appian to automate business logic for insurance requests, build applications for medical supplies, and digitize clinical trial intakes to eliminate manual data entry, decision making, and review.

3. Application development

Appian is known as an industry leader in low-code application development. This is because the platform makes it easy to take a business process and turn it into an automated solution with an easy-to-use interface. Low-code simply means it requires little to no coding to build, which allows business users to play a role in creating solutions for their unique needs.

As an Appian partner, we built an application for home healthcare providers to manage all aspects of operations. It handles scheduling appointments, assigning nurses, logging vitals, uploading photos, and more. It eliminated using spreadsheets for nurse schedules, paper forms for appointments, and back-office systems for patient information. Appian consolidated it all into one place. Learn all about it here.

We’re a proud and long-standing Appian implementation partner, and have built process automation solutions and applications for a variety of use cases in healthcare, property management, and more.

Check out our customer success stories to learn about some of our Appian implementations.

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