We design, build, and manage outcome-driven automation solutions.

Scale beyond the low-hanging fruit of routine process automation to true transformation with a disciplined approach to the integration and orchestration of multiple technologies.

Automation is about more than eliminating mundane tasks

Vendors and industry publications often promote robotic process automation (RPA) as a quick solution to reduce headcount, save money, and improve customer service. As a result, business partners often pressure IT leaders to focus on the tactical needs of “routine task automation” with RPA. However, not all processes are simple, routine, and short-running.

Many transformational processes involve complex business rules spanning multiple systems, intelligent automated decision-making, integration, and optimization. Scaling beyond the low-hanging fruit of routine processes– the true transformation goal–cannot be solved with a single tool or siloed strategy. Achieving transformation requires the right portfolio of technologies, a decision framework, and prioritization of use cases.

BIG and its partners deliver it.

Our Automation Technology Partners

We work with these industry-leading platforms and determine the best combination of complementary technologies to deliver the results our clients demand.

Achieving Real Scale with Business Process Automation

Automation requires leaders to adopt a disciplined approach to the integration and orchestration of multiple technologies.


Digital transformation starts with data because every business process requires data.  Getting reliable, repeatable access to data, regardless of its format or location, provides both the structure and agility that ensures transformational success.  


A workflow is a system for managing repetitive processes and tasks from manufacturing a product, delivering a service, processing information, or other value-generating activity.


 RPA automates complex end-to-end workflows in which tasks are repetitive, rules-based, and involve systems without APIs.

Process & Task Mining

Process mining uses data science and process analysis methodology to improve, monitor, and measure business process performance.

Low code

Low code is an intuitive, visual approach to software development used to rapidly design and iterate enterprise-ready apps, build beautiful UIs, and streamline people, technologies, data, and systems into a single workflow.

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

AI can be used in process automation to improve efficiency and reduce the need for human intervention using machine learning algorithms to analyze data from various sources and make decisions based on that data.

What Our Customers Are Automating

Streamlined fraud prevention

Find out how Payoneer reduced its fraud prevention investigation time by 40%.

Accelerated private equity deal completion

Learn how TPG streamlined collaboration with a one-stop-shop solution for managing investment deals.

Reduced development costs

Read how a government organization provided funding 25% faster and significantly reduced development costs.

Our BIG Program approach accelerates delivery and enterprise adoption of automation.

BIG helps you address the challenges most organizations face when rolling out platform technologies to bring out the best capabilities, reliability, and scale automation has to offer.


We help you articulate your future-state vision, analyze risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and make strategic choices that lead to sustainable value creation.


We combine strategy, process and actions into an Agile plan that provides frequent, targeted deliverables in support of large scale initiatives (LSI).


We maintain and enhance the applications in production and ensure continuous user feedback to Design and Build teams.

“Bits In Glass helped us meet the Agile milestones necessary to increase velocity…

– Patrick Bewley, Senior Data Architect, TPG

BIG Solutions

Automation use cases are found in most front-, middle- and back-office processes. These are just a few of the solutions we have developed to enhance CX, improve productivity, and reduce risk.


Revolutionize IT service management to accelerate response times.

Move In Move Out (MIMO)

Accelerate property turnaround times by up to 50%.

Clinical Trial Intake

Eliminate multiple systems and processes to accelerate clinical trials.

7 Ways Leading Companies Use RPA

RPA bots perform routine tasks more efficiently, work 24/7/365, and evolve as they work. RPA streamlines workflows to make organizations more flexible, profitable, and responsive. While these are notable advantages, they’re not the only ones.

Learn how top companies are using automation to transform. 


Accelerate Fraud Investigations 40%

Learn how Payoneer automated its AML case management process to reduce the time to complete a potential fraud investigation and submit a SAR by 40%.

Ready to scale beyond routine process automation?

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