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Financial Services

Financial institutions are challenged with providing competitive products and customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To achieve this, employees spend a lot of time working in various business systems and applications as well as manual paper-based forms and communications from customers.

We help financial institutions streamline inefficient processes with digital solutions for customer communication, membership management, fraud prevention, and more.

Customer 360

Eliminate multiple systems and enable easier access to all your customer information to more effectively move them through the customer journey.

Membership management

Give customers an easier way to open an account with you and integrate essential identity checks and other measures for improved protection.

Fraud prevention

Let automation take most of the work off the hands of your employees, so they can focus on serving customers.

Loan origination

Streamline processes, reduce paperwork and accelerate decision-making, resulting in faster approvals and enhanced member satisfaction

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Financial services content

Case study

Coast Capital Savings improves account openings


Tech trends in financial
services and insurance


Transforming digital banking


Improving the fight against
fraud with digital automation

Use case

Process automation reduces
case handling time by 40%

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Healthcare systems are complex and can be challenging to manage. You’re dealing with patient files, test results and referrals, communicating with other departments and medical professionals, regulatory compliance, and managing the day-to-day operations of your practice.

We help healthcare providers streamline their operations by providing digital solutions for patient management, remote care, clinical trials, and more.

Ultimately, we eliminate the need for manual spreadsheets and disconnected systems by combining all your operations into one easy-to-use digital solution.

Patient management

Meet patient demands for transparency and improve care management with a platform for collaboration and communication.

Remote care

Improve your remote patient care with an integrated digital platform to handle all aspects of your home healthcare operations.

Clinical trials

Streamline your clinical trial management and eliminate the need for multiple systems by combining your intake requirements into one automated application.

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Healthcare content

Case study

Health Management, a MAXIMUS company


Technology trends in


Home Health Manager application


Healthcare’s New Challenge:
Mastering The Trifecta of Comfort,
Cost, and Care

Use case

Automation accelerates
response time for prior

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Insurance companies are inundated with requests for quotes, claim submissions, policy adjustments, and customer service questions on a daily basis. And many continue to rely on multiple systems and applications for different aspects of these operations.

By its very nature, insurance is a field dedicated to the measurement and application of risk. Yet, it’s also an industry that tends to rely heavily on outdated systems, manual processes, and data entry, which are not only inherently risky, but also time-consuming.

We help insurance companies dramatically improve operations through modernizing legacy systems, connecting various insurance platforms, and automating key processes.

Quote requests

Automate the quote process and enable technology to populate required information in less than 15 minutes

Claims processing

Digitize a first notice of loss process to enable customers to instantly upload photos and evidence in real-time, accelerating claims processing and reducing overhead.


Leverage technology to integrate all your insurance systems and seamlessly connect and share data to eliminate inefficiencies and streamlines the underwriting process.

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Insurance content

Case study

aha Insurance offers fully online experience


Technology trends in financial
services & insurance


How insurance compares:
Benchmarking digital and API best practices


Wearables could transform insurance from reactive to proactive

Use case

PacificComp ensures
future-proof business

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