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Use Appian to streamline and automate end-to-end business processes, from simple repetitive tasks to complex decision-making scenarios.

BIG is an Appian Elite Partner

We’ve been a trusted Appian partner since 2008 and have built our reputation on designing, building, and managing high-performance Appian programs. Our BIG program approach helps you develop quick wins, gain enterprise adoption, and sustain performance.

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3X Partner of the Year

125+ complex transformation projects

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Why We Recommend Appian

We have been an Appian partner since 2008 and have transformed processes, workflows, and entire businesses on the platform.

Appian offers a unified platform that combines business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and case management capabilities. This integration allows you to streamline and automate end-to-end business processes, from simple repetitive tasks to complex decision-making scenarios. The ability to leverage multiple automation technologies within a single platform reduces complexity and enhances efficiency.

In addition, Appian is designed to scale alongside your organization’s growth. It can handle a wide range of automation requirements, from departmental workflows to enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives. Whether you need to automate a single process or orchestrate complex interactions across multiple systems and departments, Appian provides the flexibility to adapt and evolve as your automation needs expand.

Accelerate Delivery and Adoption of Appian

Our BIG Program helps you unlock the potential of Appian and addresses the challenges most organizations face when rolling out platform technologies. We can help you bring out the best capabilities, reliability, and scale Appian has to offer.


We help you articulate your future-state vision, analyze risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and make strategic choices that lead to sustainable value creation.


We combine strategy, process and actions into an Agile plan that provides frequent, targeted deliverables in support of large scale initiatives (LSI).


We maintain and enhance the applications in production and ensure continuous user feedback to Design and Build teams.

What Our Clients are Automating on Appian

Streamlined fraud prevention

Find out how Payoneer reduced its fraud prevention investigation time by 40%.

Accelerated private equity deal completion

Learn how TPG streamlined collaboration with a one-stop-shop solution for managing investment deals.

Reduced development costs

Read how a government organization provided funding 25% faster and significantly reduced development costs.


Bits In Glass has been a critical partner in our Appian development journey. Everyone we’ve worked with has been exceptional and takes our long-term success seriously.”

– Melanie Emmel, Senior Director, TPG

BIG Solutions Built on Appian

BIG has developed many solutions on Appian. These ready-built applications demonstrate the power of Appian. Your organization can use them to jumpstart your development and get to results faster.


Revolutionize IT service management to improve employee experiences and accelerate response times.

Move In Move Out (MIMO)

Accelerate property turnaround times by up to 50%.

Clinical Trial Intake

Eliminate multiple systems and processes to accelerate clinical trials.

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