The promise of freedom: Finding a competitive edge while removing the drudgery

The promise of freedom: Finding a competitive edge while removing the drudgery

By Vishal Vaidya

Robots on the assembly line were designed to free human beings from boring, repetitive work. Now, robotic process automation, or RPA, is being touted as freeing the back-office of the same boring, repetitive tasks. Vishal Vaidya, the director of professional services with Bits In Glass, sees robotics becoming more commonplace – and necessary – in the automation of process manufacturing.

In concert with what has been happening on the factory floor, Vaidya sees RPA taking off in all aspects of the industrial processing sector. “Within the manufacturing industry, RPA is most effective in automating crucial back-office processes like email and paperwork approvals, procurement tasks, supplier communication, inventory reporting, processing orders and payments, and more,” Vaidya says.

About the author

Vishal is a Director of Professional Services at Bits In Glass where he’s responsible for managing the delivery of rapid and high-quality solutions tailored to customer needs. He’s also responsible for managing Bits In Glass’s delivery management staff and development teams in Eastern Canada. Vishal has an avid interest in geography, world history, and music. Outside of work, you can find him planning his next trip to a remote island, a sojourn in the Arctic, or listening to ‘shoegaze’!

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