Physical Asset Manager

Digitize your asset management to prolong the lifecycle of your assets, reduce productivity losses, and drive business and revenue growth.




Using spreadsheets and file folders to monitor the location of assets, their age, maintenance logs, warranties, and more leaves your business with no operational oversight.

Manual tracking and management is not only time-consuming and repetitive but also comes with a high risk for errors and incorrect information. 

Plus, you’re left with non-existent reporting or real-time tracking, leaving you unable to fully understand your asset requirements, and properly budget for future needs.

Physical Asset Manager (PAM)


Physical Asset Manager, built on the Appian platform, is a digital solution for managing the full lifecycle of your company’s assets.

From physical assets like computers and monitors to software licenses and intellectual property, easily maintain your records in one central application.

Customizable to your unique needs, it can act as the source of truth for all your assets, eliminating the need for multiple, unnecessary systems.

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