Operational Excellence Week Canada

Operational Excellence Week Canada 

Date(s): October 19-20, 2020
Location: Virtual format
Website: opex-week-canada-online

The need for operational excellence has never been greater. As your business steps into the post-coronavirus future, it faces rising costs, risk, and complexity, making operational excellence no longer an option – but a mandate.

The timing of Operational Excellence Week Canada – Online could not be better. Operational Excellence Week Canada’s agenda features over 30 speakers that will show you how to eliminate inefficiencies in your operations, accelerate digital transformation, and build a sustainable culture of operational excellence. Learn from over 30 companies that have successfully executed on strategy and delivered substantial improvements in operational performance.

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We will be speaking with Blue Prism about the benefits of Blue Prism Cloud in our session, Beyond RPA: Your Catalyst for Business Transformation. Sign up for the event to hear from our experts on why connected-RPA is the choice of leading companies and how it can help you scale your operations with ease.

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Want to learn more about Bits In Glass and Blue Prism? Chat with our experts after our session!

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