Online insurance brokerage

Use case: Online insurance brokerage


aha Insurance is an insurance company providing competitive auto, business, home, and leisure insurance. aha was looking to become Canada’s first fully-featured online digital insurance broker, providing customers with a 100% online insurance buying experience.


  • Remove barriers to insurance with easy-to-use self-serve online tools
  • Auto-populate as much quote information as possible
  • Offer customers an online portal for managing their policies


  • Built an easy-to-use online insurance purchasing process
  • Integrated broker management system, policy admin system, and data service providers
  • Provided real-time data with no delays to the customer


  • Enabled 10,000+ online transactions
  • The average online quote time is only 3 minutes
  • 70% of transactions are easily completed on mobile
  • Enabled re-use of integrations


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