Accelerated sales cycle

Use case: Accelerated sales cycle


A company specializing in sales and customer acquisition for service providers needed to streamline its sales cycle by eliminating manual processes to enable sales representatives to quickly sell products and services to customers on-site, from one device.


  • Customer enrollment app didn’t integrate with service provider systems, which required sales reps to use a lot of manual workarounds
  • Sales calls were taking upwards of two days to complete, which limited the number of sales and frustrated customers


  • API-led approach to integration allowed communication between the enrollment app and service provider systems
  • Enabled sales reps to view customer eligibility and upgrades as well as take payment and book appointments all in real-time


  • Accelerated sales calls from days to under 30 minutes
  • Improved the customer experience
  • Provided real-time access and insight into customer and sales data
  • Improved fraud prevention by eliminating manual data entry



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