How to choose your MuleSoft implementation partner

How to choose your MuleSoft implementation partner

If your business is looking at implementing MuleSoft for your system integration needs, it’s important to find a partner that can get you the most out of your investment. Here are some important things to look out for when choosing a MuleSoft implementation partner:

1. Understand their expertise and experience

You want the partner you choose for your MuleSoft implementation to have deep expertise within your industry vertical. It’s also key they have a lot of experience working with MuleSoft and an API-led integration approach.

You want them to be able to tackle your specific challenges, systems, applications, and data. When exploring potential MuleSoft partners, make sure to ask for examples of their work with similar companies operating in your space.

Another aspect to look for is if they’re an award-winning MuleSoft partner. MuleSoft recognizes partners for scaling their team of certified experts and delivering impressive business outcomes for customers. Implementers recognized by MuleSoft as an award-winning partner are sure to provide you with exceptional solutions and results. As you can see on MuleSoft’s site, we’ve been recognized as a Top Services Delivery partner!

2. Don’t judge on size, focus on approach

When looking for a MuleSoft implementation partner, most think bigger is better. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, it’s true that the big well-known companies may have an endless list of impressive clients and projects. But their size also comes with restrictions and limitations on things like pricing, customizations, team size, support, and more.

While your initial thought may be to go with a big well-known name, it’s important to remember why you’re looking for a MuleSoft partner in the first place. You want a dedicated partner who will be 100% focused on your project to deeply understand your unique business systems, workflows, and needs.

You want them to enable your team both during and after the project to make sure you’re set up for success now and in the future. And, you want them to be available for ongoing support and troubleshooting, so you don’t experience any downtime or loss of revenue.

3. Understand delivery methodology

There are many ways to approach and deliver a software implementation project, with pros and cons to all of them. Take time to understand how a potential MuleSoft implementation partner would deliver on your integration needs.

For example, as an award-winning MuleSoft partner, we use an Agile delivery methodology, also known as a Scrum approach. Delivered in short “sprint” cycles, projects are broken up into “deliverables,” or to-do’s, that are completed and reported on in regular sprint meetings, giving the customer hands-on insight into their MuleSoft implementation. This approach allows for better collaboration with the client by leveraging instant feedback, quick adjustments, and faster delivery.

Overall, when choosing a MuleSoft implementation partner, focus on their industry expertise, their experience with the Anypoint Platform and an API-led approach to integration, and how they partner with you and deliver projects for your long-term success.

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