Harmonized database & consolidated apps

Use case: Harmonized database & consolidated apps


A department of the federal government responsible for ensuring that high-quality health services are accessible to Canadians needed to consolidate several departmental databases and modernize two essential applications in order to leverage the database.


  • Two siloed applications for nutrition and recipes were not communicating causing data duplication, manual data entry errors, and delayed operations
  • Inability to import essential data in different formats required time-consuming manual intervention
  • Generating reports and exporting data was difficult, slow, and expensive


  • A single, harmonized application and database integrates with both department applications
  • Automated and normalized the data import process
  • Developed standardized on-demand reports and a simple and flexible data export process


  • Reduced infrastructure, administrative requirements, and training overhead by ~50%
  • Eliminated the need for and risk of manual intervention
  • Streamlined workflows and improved operational efficiency


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