Clinical Trial Intake

Eliminate the need for multiple systems and processes, accelerating clinical trials to improve performance for better results.




When starting a clinical trial, clinicians need to intake patients quickly while also managing various legal, regulatory, and feasibility requirements.

Using spreadsheets and paper documents to complete all the required onboarding tasks put the trial at risk of manual errors, misplaced documentation, and more.

Plus, when multiple departments need to collaborate on intake documents, a disconnected, manual process delays the clinical trial and forces reactive problem-solving.

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coordinate and manage the intake process
Clinical Trial Intake (CTI)


Clinical Trial Intake, built on the Appian platform, is a digital solution for coordinating and managing the intake process of a clinical trial. 

Easily configurable to match any existing intake process, the easy-to-use application streamlines document management, regulatory compliance, legal requirements, and more.

Multiple departments can collaborate on tasks and set notifications in real-time, accelerating turnaround times to get the trial up and running faster. 

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