What is MuleSoft used for?

What is MuleSoft used for?

If your IT systems are disconnected and not supporting your operations to help you serve your customers better, a MuleSoft implementation might be the solution for you.

MuleSoft is an integration software for connecting applications, data, and devices. It does this using APIs, or application programming interfaces, to create a network of applications to send, process, and share information across a business.

As an award-winning MuleSoft partner, we’re here to help you understand how you can use its industry-leading integration platform and API network for your business.

1. Connect systems and applications

It’s extremely common across industries that employees spend a lot of time manually switching between systems to pull and process information. Commonly referred to as “swivel chair” work, this is not an effective use of employee’s time.

MuleSoft can eliminate swivel chair work by connecting, also known as integrating, multiple systems and/or applications to work as one. Building APIs allows data to be shared back and forth and displayed to employees in one simple view. Plus, APIs are reusable, making future connection needs easy and fast, enabling your business to scale and grow. Learn all about APIs in our BIG expert blog series.

In insurance, for example, MuleSoft can use APIs to integrate all the systems companies use to produce an insurance policy quote. MuleSoft can read incoming quote request emails and send the information from the email to another system to evaluate and produce a quote. It then sends the final quote to employees to review and finalize. This accelerates the process and reduces manual intervention required by employees.

2. Automate business processes

In addition to connecting/integrating business systems and applications, MuleSoft also automates the processes those systems are a part of. By enabling automated end-to-end processes, it further reduces employee time wasted and eliminates risks associated with manual data entry and review.

A MuleSoft implementation can help automate business processes by acting as the ‘middle-man’ connecting systems and sending data through APIs, all without you needing to lift a finger! Read more about the top 5 reasons you should be using APIs in this BIG expert blog.

In the financial services industry, for example, banks and credit unions can use MuleSoft to automate essential fraud prevention processes required for new account openings. MuleSoft can integrate the bank’s core systems with external credit check systems, and automate the process for verifying and checking new customer’s information.

Read all about how we implemented MuleSoft for Coast Capital Savings, a federal credit union, and reduced their online account opening process from two days to less than five minutes!

3. Provide a single view of customers

One of the other big challenges with disconnected systems is the lack of visibility and insight into the customer journey. By integrating systems using MuleSoft, you can get rid of guessing how you can provide better customer experiences, and you can let your business data speak for itself.

MuleSoft’s platform enables you to access consistent, real-time customer data, helping you better understand their behaviors and needs. And with more insight, you can give them a more personalized experience by providing them with better products, offers, and customer service.

As an award-winning MuleSoft partner, we enable organizations in building a 360-degree view of their customers to improve their offerings and get that competitive edge. We’ve helped a number of national banks improve their customer growth and loyalty as well as realize new revenue.

We’re a proud and long-standing MuleSoft implementation partner, and have completed hundreds of integration projects for a variety of use cases in financial services, insurance, and more. Check out our customer success stories to learn about some of our MuleSoft implementations.

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