Acing your interview with Bits In Glass

Acing your interview with Bits In Glass

Interviews are intimidating, but understanding the process is sure to give you a leg up at landing a role at Bits In Glass (BIG) and becoming a Biggie – what we call our amazing team of employees!

At BIG we pride ourselves on our streamlined recruitment process. From beginning to orientation, our average recruitment process includes 3 stages: the pre-screen, technical interview, and final face-to-face interview.

The pre-screen

During this first stage, a BIG recruiter has called you to book a telephone pre-screen. Yay, you made it past the first cut! This is the first time you’ll sell yourself to BIG. The purpose of the first call is to see if you have the skills we’re looking for. These pre-screen calls are typically 15 minutes long and the recruiter will want to confirm your location, your ability/interest in traveling for work (if required); your work history, your experience, what interests you, where you see your career going, and your salary expectations for the role.

During this first call you should be prepared for the most dreaded question: tell me about yourself. Ugh. This always seems to come up but how should you answer it? Easy! All we want to know is a high-level overview of your experience, not your personal life. Before they wrap up this pre-screen call, the recruiter will give you a timeline for the next steps, and within the next week, you’ll hear if you’ve made it to the next round: the technical interview.

The technical interview

Technical interviews at Bits In Glass are conducted by the hiring manager or a senior team member. These technical interviews are a deep-dive of your resume, experience, and knowledge. Come prepared with examples and projects you’ve worked on. Remember to also mention any applicable skills and certifications you currently hold. This interview is typically an hour long and usually done as a video conference call.

Before the technical interview, make sure you test the video conference; both visual and audio. The recruiter will send you all the details you’ll need to get this running. Remember to dress for the interview. A video conference interview is still an interview so make sure you dress the part.  Your potential future coworker or supervisor doesn’t want to see you in your PJs! Make sure to be in a quiet area as the interviewer wants to hear everything you have to say.

During the technical interview, it’s a great time to flip the switch and ask us about the expectations of the role, a typical day, and details about the culture. One of the technical interviewers may be who you end up reporting to, so they’re the best person to answer any job-related questions. One word of warning though: avoid asking about salary during the technical interview. Not everyone in this interview may know about the salary range for the role. If you have more questions after the call ends you can reach out to the recruiter.

Final face-to-face interview

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final round! All our final round interviews at Bits In Glass are done in person. Final face-to-face interviews are always with one of our 3 Partners (what we call our CEOs). Something that’s unique to Bits In Glass is that rather than having 1 CEO we have 3! And not only are they our fearless leaders, but they’re also our company’s founding fathers. Based on their expertise, they each oversee an aspect of our business and align with one of the three software platforms we work with. 

This interview is the final step in figuring out if you’ll fit with the culture of Bits In Glass, and what better way to do this than by meeting with one of our company’s 3 visionaries?! 

Overall tips

To ace your interview at Bits In Glass, do your research! Be sure to look through our website at, read our blogs, check out our Instagram feed, our LinkedIn page, our Glass Door listing, and research salary ranges in your area. Remember to ask questions to show your interest in both the position and the company. Lastly, don’t worry about wondering where you stand in the process as our recruiters will always keep you in the loop. Good luck!


About BIG

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